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Humanities Full Text

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Subjects Full text plus abstracts and indexing of noted scholarly sources in Humanities.
Full Description Humanities Full Text™ includes many of the most important academic journals in the humanities with the full text of articles from over 300 periodicals dating back to 1995, and high-quality indexing for almost 700 journals—of which 470 are peer-reviewed—dating as far back as 1984. The database provides coverage of feature articles, interviews, bibliographies, obituaries, and original works of fiction, drama, poetry and book reviews, as well as reviews of ballets, dance programs, motion pictures, musicals, radio and television programs, plays, operas, and more.
Coverage Full text 1995 -
Indexing 1984 -
Vendor EBSCO
Consortium ELN
License Terms of Use Limited to Quest students, staff, faculty, and on-campus Library guests.
Tutorials Introduction to EBSCOhost Interface Overview.

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