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Library Computer and Internet Use
Policy # LIB 002-004

The purpose of the Computer and Internet Use Policy is to insure legal, moral, and ethical use of computer and online resources in the Quest University Canada (QUC) Library.

Conditions of Use

  1. Computing and network resources in the QUC Library are available to Quest students, faculty, staff and community users.  Community users may use this equipment for research or Quest-related work.  Email, chat, gaming and other non-research activities are not allowed.
  1. Quest-related work includes access to all library licensed digital resources and databases, the library catalogue, and any other online research resources.
  1. QUC students have priority for using the library research computers.
  1. All users are prohibited from using the computing and internet resources for purposes that violate QUC policies or the laws of British Columbia or Canada.
  1. QUC online library resources are not to be used for private business or commercial activities.
  1. All users may not display images, sounds or messages on their computer screens which would create an environment of harassment or discomfort for other library users or staff.
  1. The receipt and transmission of offensive images, sounds or messages is also a violation of this policy.
  1. Users may not change or degrade the operating capabilities of the system.
  1. All users must comply with copyright under the AccessCopyright program.
  1. Materials on the Internet are not regulated; as such, the Library does not guarantee the authenticity, reliability or safety of information retrieved through library online resources.

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