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Policy # LIB 002-006

The Quest University Canada (QUC) Library welcomes donations or gifts of books, periodicals and other materials from faculty, students, and the general public.  The Library does not automatically accept every donated item.  As such, each donation goes through a formal screening process.  This process includes a Donation Review, the signing of a Donation Agreement, and the option for an in-house appraisal and Tax Receipt.

The Donation Review

Donors are asked to complete the Donation Review Form available at the QUC Library.  This preliminary screening document will greatly help the librarian during the initial screening process.

After the initial screening process, donors are contacted as soon as possible to discuss which materials the QUC Library is able to accept for further examination.

Book Donations

The QUC Library will accept book donations if they meet a number of criteria:

  1. the item this not produced in contravention of Copyright legislation.
  2. the item is clean, undamaged, unmarked, and free of pests, mold, mildew and stains
  3. the item is current and relevant to QUC’s curriculum and development needs

Periodical Donations

The QUC Library will accept donations of periodicals (magazines and journals) if they meet a number of criteria:

  1. the issues are clean, undamaged, unmarked, and free of pests, mold, mildew and stains
  2. the content fills a very specific need in the QUC curriculum
  3. the periodicals are part of a larger legacy donation

The Library Will Not Accept:

  1. outdated textbooks (more than 5 years old)
  2. photocopies
  3. newspapers
  4. loose-leaf publications

Delivery of Material

After the initial screening process, the Library will request that the materials for further examination be delivered to the Library.  Generally, it is the responsibility of the donor to arrange and pay for the delivery or transfer of the materials.

The Donation Agreement

All materials are received with the understanding that upon acceptance by the QUC Library, they become the property of the Library with no special requirements, conditions or restrictions imposed upon them.  This status includes the right of the QUC Library to determine the disposition of these materials, including their inclusion, location, treatment and retention in the collection.  A signed Donation Agreement is required for formal transfer of ownership from the donor to the Library.

Disposition of Accepted Materials

All accepted donation or gift materials are expected to meet the same standards of quality and relevance to the curriculum as new Library purchases, as outlined in the QUC Library Collection Development Policy LIB 002.002.

After individual examination, items may be accepted for the Library collection, offered to another department within QUC, placed in a Library book sale (proceeds to go towards purchasing new Library titles), recycled or discarded.  Materials that are not accepted for the collection may be returned to the donor, if this request is listed in the Donation Agreement.

Appraisals and Tax Receipts

The QUC Library offers an in-house appraisal and tax receipt system. Appraisals and tax receipts are undertaken only for materials accepted for the library collection in accordance with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) guidelines.

For donation or gift materials estimated at $1,000 or less, library staff will conduct an in-house appraisal.  In-house appraisals are based upon the “Guidelines for the Appraisal of Gifts-In-Kind to College and Institute Libraries” standards from the Council of Post Secondary Library Directors.  All in-house appraisals are considered final.

Copies of these standards are available at the QUC Library.

Donated or gift materials estimated at $1,000 or more in value must be assessed by an independent appraiser.  The Library can provide a list of certified appraisers upon request.  The cost of all external appraisals is the responsibility of the donor.

The QUC Library reserves the right to reject an external appraisal if it judges the findings to be unjustifiable.

According to CRA guidelines, materials acquired with government funds (EGs: through university research grants, professional development allowances) are not considered personal property, and thus are ineligible for a tax receipt.  Materials received free by the donor, such as complimentary desk or review copies of titles, are also ineligible for a tax receipt.

The QUC Library will attempt to accommodate deadlines when possible but cannot guarantee that appraisals and/or tax receipts can be completed for a specific taxation year.

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