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Associations & Societies

American Psychological Association - explores topics in addictions, parenting, anxiety, eating disorders, bullying, stress, etc.

APS (Association for Psychological Science) - lengthy list of psychology (and related) links.

Brain Canada - promotes collaborative research in the field of neurosciences.

Canadian Psychological Association - extensive list of resources in the "student" section.

Canadian Neurological Sciences Federation - umbrella organization representing four member societies interested in the functions and disorders of the human nervous system.

Canadian Association for Neuroscience - its mission includes dissemination of neuroscientific information and promotion of research of the human nervous system.

Society for Neuroscience - information on the history of neuroscience, weekly neuroscience news clips and a plethora of neuroscience related publications.


Academic Search Complete - multidisciplinary database.

DOAJ - open (i.e. FREE) access to 172 biology-related journals, including BMC Molecular Biology and Biotechnology and Molecular Biology Reviews.

General Science Full Text - for non-science specialists.

JSTOR - Although predominantly humanities-based, information in the life sciences also available.

Medline - full text medical journals.

Open Access and Free Journals - British Columbia Electronic Library Network (BCELN). 23 journals related to molecular biology.

PLoS - Public Library of Science. PLoS is a non-profit organization dedicated to making the world's scientific literature freely available

PubMed - Links to full text articles and abstracts of biomedical literature.

ScienceDirect Journals - Leading full text database containing journal articles and book chapters in the areas of Social & Behavioural Sciences, Physical Sciences, and Health & Life Sciences.


Cambridge Neuroscience - breaks down to five core research themes: developmental, cellular and molecular, systems and computational, cognitive and behavioural, clinical and veterinary.

Dictionaries & Encyclopedias

Oxford Companion to the Mind - explores "virtually every important aspect" of the human mind (home).

Oxford Dictionary of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology - over 21,000 entries on the topics of bioinformatics, biophysics, cell biology, genetics, immunology, toxicology, etc.

Oxford Reference Online: Concise Medical Dictionary - jargon-free entries in all aspects of medical science.

Oxford Reference Online: An A-Z of Medical Drugs - covers over-the-counter, pharmacy and prescription drugs.

The Oxford Companion to Medicine - substantial articles "on topics ranging from abortion to zombification" (Home).

Online Journals

Behavioral and Brain Functions - open access to all articles surrounding neurobiology and behaviour.

BMC Neuroscience - open access and peer-reviewed journal on all aspects of the nervous system.

Frontiers in Neuroscience - peer-reviewed, open access articles.

Molecular Brain - open access to articles on the central nervous system at the molecular level.

Neural Development - open access journal "on all aspects of research that use molecular, cellular, physiological or behavioural methods" (home).

Stem Cell Research & Therapy - peer-reviewed research of translational stem cell therapies.

Print Resources

Biopsychology / John Pinel
QP360 P463 2006

Biological psychology: An introduction to behavioral, cognitive, and clinical neuroscience / S. Marc Breedlove
QP360 B727 2010

Web Resources

Brain Connection - reviews books and websites, connects to "brain basics" and images, and provides "high-quality information about how the brain works and how people learn" (About).

BrainWeb Dana Foundation - provides links to information about brain diseases.

Neuroscience Information Framework - access to web-based neuroscience resources.

Neurosciences on the Internet - although this site is being redesigned, the "best bets" link provides a good list of web resources on the study of brains.

Visual and Auditory Neurosciences Labratory (Queen's University) - main research focus is on "brain mechanisms for processing visual and auditory information" (Home). Also undertakes behavioural studies in both humans and animals.






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