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Printing Troubles

Student printing at Quest can be accessed on your laptops via PaperCut webprint ( or directly from any of the 9 desktop computers in the Library. Unsuccessful print jobs can be the result of a number of things:

  • did you direct it to the correct copier? The student print room has a colour copier
    (L-Book-C-C252) and a black & white copier (L-Book-BW-200). The Library has a black & white copier (L-Lib-BW-200). Please make sure you check all these locations for your print job.
  • do you have enough money on your account? See Dee at reception, who will direct you to Jennifer Brown in accounting, to top up your printing account. Minimum $5 increments are accepted.
  • is the copier jammed? Do your best to troubleshoot the location of the paperjam and clear it yourself. If unsuccessful, locate a Bookstore employee or, if the Bookstore is closed, ask a Library staff person for help.
  • did your print job simply disappear, but still deduct money from your print account? Please check the "print jobs" paper tray in the student print room before seeing Dee at reception or a library staff person for assistance.


Database Access Issues

Are you off campus and having trouble accessing our subscription databases? You should automatically be directed to the proxy login screen when you click on the database link from the Library website. Ensure that our proxy address ( is in the URL when you are off campus.

If you are still experiencing problems accessing the databases, please contact a Library staff person for assistance.


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