Art Installation: Knitting as Knowledge

In a three part project Andrea Denny-Jiles has used knitting as a method to explore different avenues of research she has done for her keystone.

The first piece is featured in the form of an installation — colourful knitted pieces have been tied tightly around the book shelves as an assertion that other forms of knowledge, whether that be lived experience, embodied knowledge, craft, etc., deserve an equal status in academia as the written word. Inspired by bell hooks, Andrea’s installation argues the need for theory and practice.

The second piece is featured in the form of photographs — knitted pieces as garments. Using the knitted pieces as scarfs was a path for Andrea to explore how there exists both art therapy and art as therapy. She hopes that people that wear her scarfs remember to celebrate joy, life, creativity and playfulness.

The final section of her keystone explores how the creative process can be exposed publicly through performance. Andrea would try to  involve her knitting practice in every part of her life. Having bright colours, cozy fabric and big needles with her changed the way people interacted with her. Knitting also served as a way to self reflect through materiality. Every stitch functions as a recorded moment spent on the creation.

Andrea’s keystone was heavily inspired by craftivism, feminist theory, performance art and DIY initiatives. She has tried to share these ideas by including reading material that discusses these topics in the display shelves.

She is very thankful for the opportunity, space and help she received from the library team and encourages other students to collaborate with them.

Knitting as Knowledge by Andrea Denny-Jiles — in Quest Library March 14-20, 2019.