New Display: Inspiration Over Time

There is a lot we can learn from notable precedents’ lives. Their strength of sticking with what they interpret their purpose of life to be, their emergence from the bottom of social status into a leader of many, being in a position of serving support to people — triggers of inspiration are countless. The picture above is of a sculpture of Glenn Gould, a Canadian pianist known to be one of the best Classical pianists of the 20th century. His talent as a musician had been apparent since early childhood and led him to numerous awards and fame as a pianist. Even 3 decades after his death his performances captivate audiences from around the world.

Nevertheless, no matter how great the fame, it never speaks of the entire story of one’s life. There is their personal life that only few know about, or even unspoken struggles that the person went through that is only recorded in diaries. There must have been particular struggles of having a public face. But after all they are also humans; they have had life events and were supported by others. In the film Genius Within, publicly unknown perspectives of Glenn Gould are revealed through his intimate friends, lovers, and his own journal.

In addition to Genius Within, I have collected autobiographical films of various peoples. The personal drama of Glenn Gould, and others featured in this collection of films, could become a clue for what we experience now, or in the future.

By Hana Hosokawa

  • Ai Weiwei N7349 A5 A4 2012
  • Annie Leibovitz TR140 L45 A465 2008
  • Bobby Fischer Against the World GV1439 F5 A3 2011
  • Crash Reel GV857 S57 C737 2014
  • The Devil and Daniel Johnston RC516 D4855 2006
  • Eco-Pirate QL31 W34 A3 2011
  • Force of Nature QH76 F67 2011
  • Genius Within ML417 G68 G6 2011
  • The Greatest Ears in Town ML429 M37 G74 2013
  • Jane’s Journey QL31 G58 J38 2011
  • Malcolm X BP223 Z8 L571 2010
  • Marwencol RC387.5 H64 M37 2010
  • O’Siem E99 S21 O75 2010
  • Plimpton! PS3586 L5 Z68 2014
  • RBG KF8745 G56 R34 2018
  • Richard Wagner ML410 W13 R539 2006
  • Sembene! PN1998.3 S397 S46 2016
  • Touch the Sound ML419 G54 2006
  • U.S. vs John Lennon ML420 L38 U55 2006


Image courtesy of booledozer. Monument of Glenn Gould in front of the CBC building at Front and John streets. Attribution-CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) Public Domain Dedication