New Display: Tastefully Bitter

This is a selection of movies that show the unjust, tragic and boring side of reality, under the brightest, most aesthetically and poetically beautiful light. With the use of comedy, colors, light, music, and exquisite performances, these movies make what would otherwise be unbearable, pleasurable. They find the sweet spot of mastery of cinema, in the bitterness of a cruel reality.

This particularity of the oxymoron of a tragic, and violent, yet beautiful and almost (ironically) fun reality is characteristic of the everyday life in Latin America. This can be seen in “Amores Perros,” “City of God,” “Maria Full of Grace,” and “Wild Tales.” These four titles were the inspiration of this list, since they portray the theme, tasteful bitterness, in the most spectacular way.

By Daniela Jaramillo

  • The Act of Killing.  HV6322.3 I5 A28 2014
  • American Beauty.  PN1997 A443 1999
  • American History X.  PN1997 A445 2001
  • Amores Perros.  PN1997 A379 2001
  • Blue is the Warmest Color.  PN1997.2 B58 2014
  • Blue Valentine.  PN1997.2 B583 2011
  • City of God.  PN1997.2 C5 2003
  • A Fantastic Woman.  PN1997.2 F369 2018
  • Gran Torino.  PN1997.2 G737 2009
  • The Hunt.  PN1997.2 H868 2013
  • Little Miss Sunshine.  PN1997.2 L588 2006
  • Maria Full of Grace.  PN1997.2 M3753 2004
  • Mary and Max.  PN1997.2 M378 2010
  • Mommy.  PN1997.2 M58 2015
  • Moonlight.  PN1997.2 M66 2017
  • Precious.  PN1997.2 P74 2010
  • Searching for Sugarman.  ML420 R637 S43 2013
  • War Photographer.  TR820.6 W37 2001
  • Wild Tales.  PN1997.2 W55 2015

Image courtesy of Jeremy Brooks. Orangeskin.   Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC 2.0)