New Display: Wheel of Fortune

Where we might end will always remain a mystery, always at stake in the unstoppable wheel of fortune.

This selection of films is inspired by the infinite nature of possibility in a lifetime. It is inspired by the unforeseen, unrepeatable and irreversible twists of fate. The characters in these films have very particular stories that have, fortunately, fallen into gifted hands that were able to turn them into works of art, visually and musically. The main title in the list is Searching for Sugar Man, a perfect example of human possibility with a sublime soundtrack.

By Daniela Jaramillo

  • Searching for Sugar Man (ML420 R637 S43 2013)
  • Y tu Mamá También (PN1997.2 Y6 2002)
  • Lemon Tree (PN1997.2 L466 2009)
  • Mary and Max (PN1997.2 M378 2010)
  • Tomboy (PN1997.2 T66 2012)
  • Women Without Men (PK6561 P247 Z36 2010)
  • Mondays in the Sun (PN1997.2 M663 2008)
  • Ixcanul (PN1997.2 I93 2015)
  • Amélie (PN1997.2 A64 2002)
  • Fantastic Mr. Fox (PN1997.2 F368 2010)
  • The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (PN1997.2 S43 2013)


Image courtesy of Edwin IJsman. Wheel. Attribution- NonCommercial 2.0 generic (CC BY-NC 2.0)