New Display: World Creation

Magic. Superpowers. Space Travel.

I love seeing what beautiful and engaging worlds people can dream up and make a reality, whether that be through books, movies, or comics. They create a world that their audience can easily slip into and become enchanted by — a rich and vibrant universe for one to explore in their mind. As an aspiring writer I often wonder how writers manage to create something that so many people can connect to. It’s a difficult task!

Now my goal with this is not to teach you how to create a world all your own, as I don’t even know how to do that myself! However, I want you to think the next time you watch a movie or read a book in which the author has created a world. Think about the different cultural systems, technologies, and magics present in the world. Do you love the way they describe space travel or magic use? What makes it so compelling?

Creating and engaging with other worlds in this way allows our imagination to flourish and grow. It allows us to look at real world problems in new ways because our perception of the world has expanded. When you create a world yourself, you get to explore things that are not possible for you, that will never be possible for you, and that is something very special that we humans do. It allows us to connect with other people in a way that is impossible to describe.

by Monique Beaulieu

  • Ender’s Game  PS3553 A655 E5 2013
  • Lord of the Rings Trilogy PR6039 O32 L621
  • Dune  PS3558 E53 D8 1998
  • Looper  PN1997.2 L66 2013
  • Inception PN1997.2 I534 2010
  • Jurassic Park Movies PN1997 J88 2004
  • Jurassic World  PN1997.2 J87 2015
  • Kick-Ass  PN1997.2 K53 2010
  • Black Panther PN1997.2 B536 2018
  • Blade Runner PN1997.2 B53 2007
  • Blade Runner 2049  PN1997.2 B531 2018
  • Deadpool  PN1997.2 D38 2016
  • Darkon: because everyone wants to be a hero   GV1469.6 D37 2009
  • Superheroes  HV6789 S86 2011
  • Back to the Future   PN1997 B3 2011
  • Star Wars IV, V, VI   PN1997 S83
  • The Matrix   PN1997 M38 1999
  • Cloud Atlas   PR6063 I785 C58 2013

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