Quest Library’s Virtual Film Club – June 24, 3:00pm

For the thirteenth edition of Quest Library’s Virtual Film club, we’ll be viewing the classic horror The Shining.

An unemployed teacher, Jack Torrance accepts a position as a caretaker in a hotel which is isolated in the mountains and deserted during the winter months. He moves in with his wife Wendy and young son Danny. He looks forward to taking the opportunity to write a book. Danny, gifted with clairvoyance, soon becomes the object of strange manifestations and Jack himself undergoes an unusual psychological transformation. This state leads him to want to murder his son. His wife attempts to stop him, all the while a raging snow storm is blocking all viable routes, rendering escape almost impossible. – film synopsis from Criterion-On-Demand

Optional viewing: Room 237: Interpretations and Theories Regarding Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining” is temporarily available through our Kanopy trial.

The Shining is available free through Quest’s Criterion-on-Demand access. On Wednesday, June 24 at 3:00pm, join us for a discussion of the film in the public Quest Library Virtual Film Club Team or ask in advance for a link.