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The following titles are available in the Quest Library print collection.

A companion to astronomy and astrophysics : chronology and glossary with data tables Call number QB14 L36 2006

A dictionary of astronomy Call number QB14 D52 2007

Euclid’s Phaenomena : a translation and study of a hellenistic treatise in spherical Call number QB144 E9313 2006

Fundamentals of astronomy Call number QB43.3 B37 2007

Geminos’s Introduction to the phenomena : a translation and study of a Hellenistic survey of astronomy Call number QB21 G4513 2006

Hubble : 15 years of discovery Call number QB500.268 C486 2006

Mapping the seas and skies Call number GC21.5 D43 2007

Planetary motions : a historical perspective Call number QB15 H59 2006

Studies in medieval astronomy and optics Call number QB23 M335 2006

Thus spoke Galileo : the great scientist’s ideas and their relevance to the present day Call number Q155 G28513 2006