Democracy & Justice


The following titles are located in EBSCOhost eBook Academic Collection.

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The following titles are available in the Quest University Library print collection

Changing structure of Mexico : political, social, and economic prospects. Call number HC135 C44 2006

Debt or democracy : public money for sustainablity and social justice. Call number HJ1023.2 M45 2016

Democracy, equality and justice : John Adams, Adam Smith, and political economy. Call number HM681 H55 2007

Five dialogues. Call number B358 G7813 2002

Global challenges : war, self-determination and responsibility for justice. Call number JZ1318 Y58 2007

Governing through crime : how the war on crime transformed American democracy and created a culture of fear. Call number HV6789 S57 2007

Inclusion and democracy. Call number JC423 Y69 2010

The individual and the political order : an introduction to social and political philosophy. Call number JC571 B675 2008

John Rawls : his life and theory of justice. Call number JC578 R383 P638 2007

The last colonial massacre : Latin America in the Cold War. Call number F1466.5 G73 2011

Long live Atahualpa : indigenous politics, justice and democracy in the Northern Andes. Call number F3721.3 P74 C47 2012

Politics in a time of crisis : Podemos and the future of European democracy. Call number JN8395 P665 I45 2015

The Republic. Call number JC71 P3513 2006

Terrorism versus democracy : the liberal state response. Call number HV6431 W564 2011

Twentieth century political theory : a reader. Call number JA71 T94 2005

World poverty and human rights : cosmopolitan responsibilities and reforms. Call number JC571 P577 2008