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The following web resources provide information on intersectionality topics.

Anti-Racism Resource Center A resource hub for educators, employers, students, youth, and anyone looking for info on race, anti-racism, and anti-discrimination.

Canadian Race Relations Foundation Canada’s leading agency dedicated to the elimination of racism and all forms of racial discrimination in Canadian society.

Centre for Social Justice Conducts research, education and advocacy on issues of equality and democracy in Canada.

Centre for the Study of Gender, Social Inequities and Mental Health Based out of Simon Fraser University, this centre is at the forefront of developing research and sharing knowledge on intersections between gender, social inequities and mental health.

Disabled Women’s Network (DAWN) An organization that works towards the advancement and inclusion of women and girls with disabilities and Deaf women in Canada.

Diversity in Teaching – Social Justice & Intersectionality Resources and information compiled by the Diversity in Teaching group at the University of Toronto.

Everyday Feminism An educational platform for personal and social liberation with a mission to help people dismantle everyday violence, discrimination, and marginalization through applied intersectional feminism.

Intergroup Resources An online resource center that seeks to strengthen intergroup relations for social justice by sharing materials, tools, and lessons learned from organizers around the United States.

Intersectionalities: A Global Journal of Social Work Analysis, Research, Polity and Practice Open access journal on issues of intersectionality through a social work lens. Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license.


The following titles are available in the Quest University Library print collection.

Building inclusive cities : women’s safety and the right to the city. Call number HT166 B817 2013

Critical transnational feminist praxis. Call number HQ1121 C69 2010

Deconstructing privilege : teaching and learning as allies in the classroom. Call number LC4941 D43 2013

Gendered worlds. Call number HQ1075 A95 2012

Handbook of feminist research : theory and praxis. Call number HQ1180 H35 2007

Health inequities in Canada : intersectional frameworks and practices. Call number RA449 H375 2011

Intersectionality : a foundations and frontiers reader. Call number HM571 I56 2014